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    I am Dr. Steve. As we have said many times and places, I have a doctorate in pharmacy. So anyone who has a doctorate in a field (education, philosophy, Physics, religion, etc) is conferred the title "Doctor". Medical doctors are also called Doctors! For me, I happen to have an advanced degree in medicines and drugs. So, who better to present a never-before experienced caffeine product that doesn't suck other than a compound pharmacist who has a lab and owns a pharmacy? I have been in pharmacy since 1994, so I have the credentials.

    Now onto the good stuff. With this blog, it is our hope and desire to share with you thoughts and ideas about Caffeine Melts. We see the curious as well as the trolls on our social media. We are here to cater to the curious. Clearly we have a humor that as a small business we can do this.... corporate.. not so much. We are a staff of less than 10 at this point in time. Every batch is "handmade", as well as every facet of the process (labels, inserts, "sugar shaking", packaging, etc.). We are located in Jacksonville, Florida so come see us if local. Otherwise we ship nationwide including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico (plus FPO and APO for military with customs forms). It is our hope and belief that many of you can be even more awesome with Caffeine Melts.

   Some of you are "super tasters" (another reason to blame your parents) and will find our standard offerings bitter. We have a "super taster line" for you. These also are not candy. When chewed, they are disgusting, so they must be dissolved under the tongue (or side of mouth). Melts have a super low profile and are easily split for optimal dosing. Your morning dose may be the highest dose, and 3pm is a split dose (or 7pm to see the movie and not fall asleep.. 30mg is great). We will offer more ideas with this blog over time.

    It is the mission of Caffeine Melts to destigmatize mental health treatment. Truly there is a crisis in this world. Mental health is real. To share my family history, my mother and sister died by suicide. So this mission is personal. Don't normalize feeling badly. Next week I turn 50, so this first post will immortalize my "not yet 50" existence. Melts are super helpful for all phases of life. So, experience Caffeine Reimagined. And Focus and be Awesome!

    Dr. Steve

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