Five Caffeine Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

(#2 Will Blow Your Mind)

Published by Dr. Steven Mougeot, PharmD (alum. University of Florida)

To begin, Caffeine isn't what you think it is.

We’re going to revolutionize your understanding of caffeine. Meet sublingual caffeine (absorbed under the tongue)

We know you. You're tired.

 Caffeine doesn't work like it used to

The shakes, the jitters, the crashing... the unrelenting bathroom urgency.

Disappointing isn't it?

On top of that, more is being expected of you than ever before. You start to wonder ... will I make it?

What if we told you there was a way of life that you can fall in love with. One where you can always Focus, Nourish, and Flourish.

Sublingual caffeine can bring all the awesome benefits of caffeine (focus, energy, motivation, etc.) without any of the nasty side effects of coffee / energy drinks (crashing, jitters, bathroom urgency, G.I. upset).*

We know with the highest certainty that many will
Flourish with Caffeine Reimagined™.

Don't believe us? Check out the testimonials below.

*Effects may vary. These statements (reported perks) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. However, these perks have been suggested by many customers when used properly (see our reviews). Proper use is defined as placing one Caffeine Melt® under the tongue for sublingual absorption with no other caffeine source accompanying use (energy drinks, coffee, caffeine pills, etc.)

#1: What You Should Never Tolerate:
Caffeine Side Effects

The people below were once like you - chained to the pain of coffee's side effects. Then they discovered Dr. Steve's Caffeine Melts®.

Read their first hand experience with sublingual caffeine. 

"NO side effects"

"effective and fast acting"

Sublingual caffeine provides a smooth and clean onset

#2: Caffeine Always Sends You to the Toilet, right? Wrong!

"without the acid and stomach upset"

"easily and rapidly absorbed without any of the hellish GI distress related to coffee"

There's no need to interrupt your day like this.

#3: Enter a World Where Caffeine Comes
Without the Crash

"Helped keep me going for a super long 38 hours without the jitters or crashing."

"No bad crash. No crash at all (for me)"

Wow. Imagine not anticipating that tsunami of exhaustion. Imagine if you could just Focus and Be Awesome® whenever you want.

#4: Skip the Shakes, Embrace the Focus:
Dr. Steve's Caffeine Melts® Can Provide
Jitter-Free Energy

"Gives me energy and focus without jitters or any speedy feeling"

"FOCUS is the correct word, not awake, not functional, but truly focused.... it's almost like magic"

Uncontrolled shaking doesn't display confidence. Clean, grounded focus does.

#5: Escape the Dead End of the Mug and
Drop the Energy Drink

"Currently 5 weeks off coffee and monster."

"It cut my energy drink consumption to zero and my coffee intake to next to zero."

So much money wasted. So little reward.

Caffeine is not the GI-provoking, shake-making, bathroom-sending, breath-destroying, teeth-staining, crash-causing substance you think it is. We made a product that we believe in so much we’re willing to do everything we can for you to experience Sublingual Caffeine.

Say HELLO to the "Focus, Nourish, and Flourish" Deal of a Lifetime!

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Let's talk about a normal caffeine budget.

Let's say that you purchase two energy drinks every day for a whole month.

One energy drink costs $3.00/can.

With two drinks daily, that's $6.00/day and $180/month

The order shown below includes 111 Melts for $60.00. That's around $0.54/Melt.

If one Melt gives you better results than an energy drink and costs 80% less than each can, you will save hundreds of dollars over one year should you switch to Melts.

Caffeine Melts® are an elevator to the top, not a stairway to the basement (like all other caffeine)

Let me show you an example

Say you put the following in your cart: 

Note: one Melt counts as one serving!

Without any discounts, the cart above (plus shipping and the extra packs) would amount to 


With discounts, your total (with free shipping and the extra packs) will be


That's 60% off the actual price!

We believe in Caffeine Melts® so much we're going all in for you!


If you don't experience any of the wonderful effects of sublingual caffeine (for your ideal dose) with our product, we will refund every cent you spent on your order!

This is what we call the State of Mind Guarantee